Morning Milking Musings: 2017 KickOff Edition

Hey All!

Happy New Year – 2017! Hoping you all are off to a great start. New Year’s Day was on a Sunday this year, fitting, because I feel Sundays are the New Year’s Days of the week.

I would venture to say that New Year’s Day is the same for just about everyone – whether you indulged in the “spirits” of NYE or not because you are either actually hungover, or have  a “sleep hangover”….or both.  NYE causes a great many people to stay up until the wee hours of the morning, pretending they’ll be able to bounce back the next day just like they did in high school (seriously, I feel like in high school I could twirl a half time performance on 2 hours of sleep and a few pop tarts – when did this magical power go away???).

However, we most certainly cannot bounce back like we did in our teen years, which leads many of us to spend the first day of the new year watching TV with heavily-lidded eyes and a plateful of the remnants and last cookie crumbles of NYE and possible Christmas too.  When we aren’t sleeping, that is.

That also means that our New Year’s Resolutions start on January 2nd, because eating better/being fitter  just takes way too much energy after a night of laughter, drinks, and party food. Plus you have to eat the junk food so its not in the fridge to tempt you when you do start your resolution…tomorrow. I’m personally hoping each of you does find whatever mojo it takes to achieve your resolutions in this new year though!

So, what does this have to do with agriculture? Well, after spending yesterday morning leaning against posts, buckets, and calves while I was working at the dairy running on 2 hours of sleep and feeling the wrath of the drinks I had the night before,  I started wishing I was a dairy cow.  I realized every day to a dairy cow is kind of like New Year’s Day.  No, not the light sensitivity and headaches and weariness, but the fact they spend the day sleeping, and, when they feel like it, ambling up to a delicious buffet of food and unlimited water supply.  Plus, if they’re feeling frisky, maybe a lap around the barn with their gal pal from the herd.  Sounds like the schedule of the day on New Year’s Day.


So here’s to a new year and achieving all of your dreams and goals in this bright new year!


Love always,

❤ Meg