Blazin’ The Trail

Hello all!

It’s now time to get back into a rhythm of blogging after the dust has began to settle from moving and starting my new job. And I’ll tell you, it’s an adjustment on many levels. And to get 100% real with you, I can see why some people stay in their comfort zone and make a life there. Moving away from family and significant others or other loved ones is no joke. And yet, there are all of those quotes about the happiness on the outside of your comfort zone plastered on Pinterest boards and in pretty picture frame across the globe.

This being the second go-round for me for moving away from home for a job, I thought I would share some tips on how I cope and move forward in starting in a new town.


Make your new place feel like home. Especially if you are going to be living alone. You won’t be comfortable and feel settled unless your new places feels home-y, and not like some hotel room you’ll get to leave in a few days. Maybe you have a favorite set of photos of you and your friends, maybe you have a blanket your grandmother made you, and sometimes, it’s just the feel of the house or apartment itself. Whatever it is, it’s vital for your peace of mind. Bring it all, set up the place how you like, which brings me to my next point.


Be excited that a new, empty space means you can FINALLY make use of that “Dream Home” Pinterest board.  I know most people probably won’t have the money to just throw around buying every shiny new glass and home decor item they would like, but scour Pinterest and find some budget-friendly projects and home decor tips to get started on. This will firstly go along with making your new digs feel like home, but it also gives your mind something to look forward to. You can come home from work the first few days and picture the potential on your empty “canvas” of space. Go for the color scheme you love – hell, mine is turquoise, gold, and red! There are so many resources out there now that give you tips on how to organize, decorate, and transform a space – and alot that don’t break the bank. Do keep in mind whatever your budget is, because some of that money could go toward my next tip.


Don’t hesitate – start right on getting the lay of the land. Find the local shops, cafes, what restaurants there are to eat at, where the grocery stores are – take it all in. This will keep you busy and get you thinking of some exciting outings you could take. Maybe there’s a restaurant you’ve never been to, or that one store you love that didn’t have a chain too close in your hometown. And while you are at it, don’t be afraid to treat yourself a little. Maybe you find a cute new shirt for work, or you’ve been waiting awhile to get that new pair of shoes. You’ve just made a big change – go for the reward to yourself!


Get out and about. Going along with the previous tip – start thinking of groups or activities you like and start finding local chapters. If you like fitness, start looking into what local gyms or yoga studios have to offer. By looking forward to that spin class on Wednesday, you occupy your mind and open up opportunities to meet people! Don’t be afraid, just get out and do it!


Be sure you are moving for the right reason. This really comes before everything, but it’s also the biggest tip I have. It will be hard to start a new chapter in your life if you aren’t excited for the chapter to start to begin with. I have an example on each end of the spectrum with the two times I have moved for a job. The first wasn’t the right job for me and it ended in me being miserable and making some big mistakes, and, consequently, moving back home. This new job I have, however, is one I love and I can go far with. The difference in my mindset is astronomical. And sometimes its not a job you are moving for, it’s for a person, or some other reason. Whatever the reason, be sure it’s a good one and the right one FOR YOU. YOU are the one that has to live with this choice, don’t choose misery for yourself.


Feel free to tell me about your moving journeys in the comments below!


Until next time,

❤ Meg