Does This Cow S@!*t Count As A Cleansing Face Mask?

This Gal Has Her Own Beauty Routine!Hey all!

Our urban counterparts think they have it rough radiating beauty and femininity, ag babes have to do so in all weather conditions and through nature’s most organic substances!

So I thought I would share some of my overall tips on beauty care that I’ve discovered being a farm gal.  Now, I’m not claiming to be a beauty and skin care expert by any means, also, I am not here to promote any particular brand or company.  I’m not paid by anyone to mention any brand/company.  Also, this isn’t a one way conversation – feel free to comment your own beauty and skin care tips! The gal pictured right is in the middle of her own beauty routine!

Without further ado, here’s my top 5 farmHer beauty hacks:

  1. Wet wipes, wet wipes, wet wipes.  I keep wet wipes in my truck in the event I need to wipe my face or hands off or my truck seat off! Helps keep things clean and myself presentable if I have to go out in public before heading home!
  2. Dry shampoo is your best friend. There are so many different kinds of dry shampoo on the market, I can’t say the best one. I’ve tried a lot of different kinds, and it all comes down to what you feel is best for your hair.  Right now, I really really like BedHeads RockAHolic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo.  It takes the greasy look out of my hair completely and gives my hair a nice texture to be able to style. I’ve heard it’s healthier to not wash your hair every day, but I know sometimes that’s hard if a cow takes a well aimed shot with her hind end.  On the days your hair isn’t splattered, dry shampoo is a life saver!
  3. Going deep to get that grit out. Most of you darlings probably already do, but getting yourself a good deep cleaning face wash is always a good idea. I know I sit there in the milking parlor sometimes and go “Yep, I can feel that soaking into my face.” I usually can’t wait to get home and get some face wash on.  I would also suggest an additional face cleansing/moisturizing product – an astringent or blackhead remover. I’ve heard some pretty rave reviews on the Rodan and Fields products, I personally use Neutrogena wash (I also have an Avon wash) and an Avon blackhead remover.
  4. Hand JiveAs you probably well know, winters are brutal on your hands – dry skin to the point of cracking.  I use Bag Balm for both my hands and chapped lips.  Just the other day, the Women In Ag Facebook group I am part of had a post about this very topic, so I’ll share with you what some women from across the globe use: Vaseline, lanolin, Working Hands lotion/O’Keefe’s, coconut oil, and vitamin e oil.
  5. Painting The Town….After Chores. So, what happens when you have a family get together or a night out in the evening after the work is done but you’re short on time to get glammed up? Which, let’s be honest, is what happens every time an outing comes up. Ah, the struggles of ag life.  So, I’ll share what I do to make the process go smoother.  Obviously, I be sure to know what I am going to wear as well as what I am doing with my hair.  With my hair, I make sure it is simple and something I already know how to do.  Before I go to milk, I’ll put some mousse in my hair and either put it in a french braid or tie it in a bun.  When I take a french braid out, it gives my hair a little volume and slight curl for added glam. To avoid hair bumps after I take the bun out, I gather my hair at the top of my head, twist it, then wrap it around itself and put the hair tie around it.  The twist sometimes gives a little volume to my hair, depending on how long the bun is in.

That’s all I’ve got – I’d love to hear your tips and tricks!

Until next time,

❤ Meg