Morning Milking Musings: Mixing Family and Business

This is a new “series” I am going to try out called Morning Milking Musings.  It will be short thoughts about a particular subject on agriculture. When I’m milking, I have a few hours to think and ponder things. Enjoy! Let’s start!


There’s a quote that says ” The Family Farm: More than a business – the Family Farm is a lifestyle – it is an ideal worth preserving.”


It seems most of the general population seems to think there is no longer the “family” aspect to modern farming.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Most, if not all, farms are still owned and run by families.  Even the large ones.  The larger the farm just means that they typically have to have more non-family employees.  But farms are still run by families, and often times, the farm is run by a large percentage of the families.  Often times parents own the farm and eventually one or more of the children will eventually own the farm and carry on the legacy. But many times siblings, aunts, uncles, and spouses are a vital part of the farm as well.  It takes a whole family unit to run a great farm!


The important thing to remember is that whether these farms have dairy cattle, beef cattle, hogs, crops, or any other type of agriculture, this is how the family makes a living – this is their income. So, of  course there is a business aspect to caring for the animals on the farm – just like any other business, the family needs to bring in more money then they spend.  But, that brings up another point – this is all the more reason for the animals to receive the utmost care.  Do you work as productively and efficiently when you aren’t feeling well? No, so why would animals be different? Thus, I wish more people would realize that it is in the farmers best interest to take the best care of their animals, and that is exactly what they do.  Any abuse you see is NOT normal.


That’s my morning musings for the day!