The Girl Behind The Blog

img_1606I’m a small town girl born and raised in the Buckeye state of Ohio. I grew up in 4H showing everything from dogs to goats to miniature horses, later graduating up to Belgian draft horses, who have stolen my heart and who I still show with my family to this day.   I proudly attended Ohio State where I majored in Animal Science and minored in Agribusiness.  I transplanted to Texas for wonderful summer interning on Cargill’s hog farms.

My place of work! The feed mill of Hord Livestock Company in Bucyrus, Ohio
My place of work! The feed mill of Hord Livestock Company in Bucyrus, Ohio

After graduation from OSU, I worked at Hord Livestock, a family own pig, cattle, and grain operation in Bucyrus, Ohio (pictured right).  I like to think my role on that farm is best described as a pig midwife – I spent 8 hours a day welcoming piglets into the world with the best care possible to them and their mamas!  Then, I moseyed back to my hometown where I milked dairy cows on a local dairy (pictured below), and also was a dairy cattle nutritionist – which I think can be described as a dairy cow’s health and wellness coach! (Wouldn’t we all like to have one of them for free???)

And, most recently, I transitioned to be the Nutrition Analytic Consultant for Rock River Laboratory. Watch out for posts of peeks into my day-to-day with this new role, but I want to enlighten you readers on how agriculture uses science and laboratories to produce safe food – which does NOT include growing out of beakers.

Winter's Day Breakfast, Ashtabula, Ohio
Winter’s Day Breakfast, Ashtabula, Ohio


Outside of agriculture, a chunk of humor from Instagram that describes me – I am mostly dry shampoo and coffee.  I  am on my own personal journey to being a fitness junky.  I would probably have a chiseled physique if it wasn’t  for 1, my attention span relating to that of a goldfish, and 2, my love of food, especially those food delicacies with plenty of sugar in them! 😉 I also am starting to be a bit of a hairstyle adventurist, trying to imitate the nimble fingers of YouTubers that seem to posses some sort of natural artistic gift with hairstyling that the gen pop lacks.  So the  hair braid battle saga continues.  Aaaaaand I am starting to dabble in photography, which you can see on my “Glimpses of My World Page.”

Feel free to contact me at with any questions. I would love to hear from you!

❤ Meg


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