Table for…One?

Hey all!

Happy Summer! Hope the sun isn’t too sweltering where you are. I know we have had a few obnoxiously hot days here that could make the devil feel like home.


Anyway, today’s post is going to be about meals for one. I’ve scoured Pinterest and I just can’t find a composite list for those of us rockin’ it alone in our own apartments or houses. Sure you can make a crock pot full of delicious chili….and then it for the next week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, before it goes bad then you have to throw some food you spent valuable money on right in the trash. That gets ya right in the wallet feels. I know.


So this isn’t any earth-shattering list or anything, don’t be expecting Cat Cora here, but maybe it’ll give you an idea for something or something you have never thought of.


Breakfast hash. I could eat eggs alllllll day. So a lot of the time I make breakfast hash type meals with eggs, cheese, hash browns, and sometimes a breakfast meat. And you can mix it up with different toppings – add veggies, add a sauce, make scrambled vs over easy eggs…there’s some variation to be played with with this.


Pancakes. Just as with the hash, there’s some variety to be had with pancakes. Pinterest is a great world for ideas because you can go with simple to few ingredients to the vegan versions to practically-dessert versions.


Alfredo. There is a to-die-for alfredo that literally takes one cup of milk, one cup of parmesan, one stick of butter, one block of cream cheese. You melt butter, add cream cheese until well mixed over medium heat, add milk and turn down until well blended, take pan off burner and add parmesan. That is it and it is so rich and creamy and good.


Fajita mix. In the frozen section is fajita meats that you thaw and fry for fajitas. And trust me when I say I am highly skeptical of the taste of some frozen foods but these are good. And then add some veggies and fry in oil and voila! As an added bonus, this stuff would be delicious on a salad the next day for a new spin on lunch.


Pinterest One Pan/One Skillet Finds. Pinterest may not be a mecca for one person meals, but there is quite a lot of one pan/one skillet dishes that I think have a place on this list. First, they are usually with few ingredients, second, given they are all made in one kitchen dish it won’t make enough to feed a small army thus enabling you to more easily turn them into a few lunches or dinners and then be rid of them. I will even try to cut a lot of recipes in half and it makes me just enough for dinner and a lunch.


What’s one your go-to list of easy meals? Do any of you out there cooking for yourself have a meal you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them!


Until next time,

❤ Meg