A Dairy Good Job

Hey All!

I hope the transition from summer to fall saw all of you well. I know in my area, it has been quite rainy and dreary the past few days.  I’ve had a big change in my life recently – I quit my job at Hord Livestock and moved back to my hometown in Northeast Ohio.  I now hold a position at a family dairy farm as  herdsman.

I am excited for this new opportunity in a new industry, thrilled to learn as much as I can to build a satisfying professional career.  I view my current position as a learning experience to build on in the future.

I left my position at Hord Livestock because it simply wasn’t the kind of work I wanted to do or build a career out of.  The company is wonderful, the people I worked with were wonderful, and yet the job duties and the position itself would not, in my mind, lead me to a career of passion and satisfaction.  I could not find my passion in what I was doing.

Now, on the dairy farm, I look forward to going to work every day, and being at work relaxes me and brings me joy.  That is the most important thing.  You know you have found the right industry and the right job when you look forward to going to work and being there.  I believe there are so many people that go to a job every day and dread it, and hate every second. As much time we spend each day, and over our lifetimes, working, why not enjoy it? The majority of lives are spent working, it’s a sad truth that most people spend that time unhappy.

Now, I look forward to a lifelong career in the dairy industry, and continuing to rise up to the challenge of new and more advanced positions as the time comes.  For now, I will enjoy being greeted by the moos of calves and the kind eyes of the cows being milked.

I encourage everyone to find their true calling and find a career that can allow them to be passionate and excited on that morning commute to the workday.

Until next time!

❤ Meg


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