Land of the Free

Good afternoon everyone!

I’m sorry it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted.  I took a much-needed vacation with my wonderful other half to Tishomingo, Oklahoma to visit Miranda Lambert’s Bed and Breakfast, The Ladysmith.  After a night there, we traveled south to Fort Worth, Texas to visit the Stockyards! First, I am a huge Miranda Lambert fan, so getting to stay in her bed and breakfast and shop at her boutique was a complete dream come true for me.  ❤

Tishomingo is such a cute little town, but just as a fair warning, if you plan to visit The Ladysmith and The Pink Pistol, that about sums what there is to do in that town! I suggest it for a nice relaxing night to either start off or end a trip.  The Ladysmith is such a beautiful, accommodating place with a rich history behind the building and alot of Junk Gypsy-style decor.  The food is absolutely to die for, and the first round of drinks at the lounge is on the house!

As for Fort Worth, the stockyards have a deep history as well, and the views around the city are beautiful.  We went and saw the Stockyards Championship rodeo on Saturday night, ate some very expensive steak, and went to the world famous honky tonk, Billy Bob’s! We also went into downtown Fort Worth to see Sundance Square and the Water Gardens, both very beautiful sights and both worth the see.  Even downtown has that “western” feel to it.  I will admit, Fort Worth was very tourist-y, sort of a let-down for those with a livestock background that wanted to see some historic livestock sights.

One thing I would like to share that caused me to pause and think.  We were on our way out of Texas and stopped in Denton, Texas to shop at a Boot Barn.  Upon cashing out, the young woman asked for my boyfriend’s address to sign him up for store offers.  When she heard he was from Pennsylvania and I from Ohio, she gave us a bewildered look and said “Is there even any like country up there?” I suppressed a laugh picturing all of the country landscape I have seen, been to, and even spent time in! However, I then thought about how much sometime we forget the different cultures and landscape this country has even within its own borders, and how sometimes, if we don’t get to travel to farther places, we forget that each state has it’s own unique “flavor.” It never occurred to me that someone in Texas would have a different point of view on my home state, nor I with Texas or Oklahoma, and I especially think of this in terms of the state’s agriculture.  I remember a little over a year ago, while I was a senior in college attending the Block and Bridle National Convention in Missouri, we were on our industry tours and visiting Pinnegar Limousin cattle farm.  I quickly learned that a good many of Missouri’s cattle are grass fed, only because they don’t have too much ready access to corn.  It was a strange thought to me as I thought back to all of the corn fields back here in Ohio.  It’s simple things like that that make me wonder and thirsty to learn about other states’ agricultural industries.  Thus, my passion to travel has been heightened!

So I encourage everyone to go out, travel, even to the next state over, and take time to see what that state has to offer! Strike up a conversation with someone from another state and learn what they know and where they come from, that was always my favorite part of national conventions – the different people to talk to!

Fort Worth Stockyards
Fort Worth Stockyards

After all, this is the land of the free, and a world of endless possibilities!

Until next time,

Meg ❤